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Current ordering method:

1/ Contact us: quietradio@qthr.myzen.co.uk

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Aziloop DF-72





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What’s in the box?

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Packing List


Shipment comprises the DF-X CIU and DF-72 LCU units together with a DC power lead, USB cable, 3.5mm

to phone AUX cable, 2 x SMA to BNC adapters and four feet for the CIU.


The LCU has two removable pole mounting adapters pre-fitted (not visible above) for which we include 4 x

cable ties for good measure.


Aziloop is shipped in an F5 size (8” x 6” x 4”) package.


What else is needed?


You’ll need to supply your own Windows* 10 or 11 PC and an antenna + feeder. (* Windows 7 is used by

some customers, but we can’t officially support older operating systems because Microsoft don’t.)


The antenna is no more than a central pole supported by two orthogonal loops of wire acting as guys,

together with a ground-stake earth or four wire-radials – ground mounted or elevated.


Many antenna arrangements are possible, and the size and shape aren’t critical (within limits of course).

All you need is a supply of 24/.02 (24 strand, 0.02mm) insulated wire and a central non-metallic pole.


Pole Kit


We are currently talking to a trading partner with a view to developing an Aziloop pole kit as a bespoke

alternative to designing your own. 9th June 2024 update: Pole information coming shortly…


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