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NEW: May 2024 RadCom 3-page review (by kind permission of RSGB)

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Aziloop User Guide – over 100 pages  

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Coming Shortly:

·       ‘The Aziloop Tapes’ – a compendium of short ‘how-to’ videos as a quick reference to all things Aziloop.


But first…

Here is a YouTube link to a short ad hoc playlist meant for a club presentation.

It shows some examples of what Aziloop can do.

Aziloop - YouTube



From an Aziloop user, posted on Groups.io recently:

“… I can confirm that it does all the things the website says it can do! … The most useful attribute I have found to date, is the ability to attenuate QRN, local QRM and Surface Radar, … Ground waves can be nulled out by up to 35dB in K9AY mode.
I can make local NDB’s “disappear”!  The band filters are very useful too, especially in helping to minimise Broadcast Band overload. … Loop mode offers a significant reduction in common mode noise as well….”



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