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Introducing Aziloop DF-72 from QuietRadio

the groundbreaking Dual-Mode, Multi-Directional VLF to HF receive system










What is it?

Aziloop DF-72 is a dual-mode multi-directional antenna processor for VLF to HF reception with features unequalled at this price point (or possibly anywhere) including:

·        Electronically rotatable in 5-degree steps (nothing physically moves – guy it and forget it).

·        Dual Mode - switch between Loop Mode and K9AY Mode with a mouse click.

·        108 antennas in one! - 72 K9AY headings and 36 loop axes.

·        Works with any receiver – SDR or classic.

·        Switchable filters, 18 dB preamp and 4 - step attenuator (0 - 18 dB)

·        K9AY load variable from 250R to 950R in 50R steps

·        Two undedicated control/monitor ports for your own use or allocate one or both to PTT muting.

·        Control everything from an intuitive Windows UI with selectable Local, Client or Server mode.

·        Headless Remote control (no Server PC) also possible using the controller’s built-in Server.

·        Uses Low visual impact antenna comprising a pair of orthogonal loops and an earth rod (or radials),

Scroll down for guideline dimensions.


We supply:


        The Antenna Unit

The Controller

       A white box with blue text on it

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A black box with ports and ports

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The App.

A screenshot of a computer

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A black compass with yellow center

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Full view

Hide any panels you don’t need


You supply:

13.8 V power supply, Windows PC, and your own build of antenna, sized to suit the location.

The antenna dimensions below are a good starting point for an urban site.

Optimum size depends on target frequency range, site noise, and system noise.

(Single loop illustrated. A second identical one at 90 degrees completes the installation.

The single LCU can be mounted inside or outside the loop area.)


A diagram of a triangular structure

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To find out more click the Overview link above.


Who should consider Aziloop?

Aziloop will be of interest to shortwave listeners, radio amateurs, and professional users alike. Applications include general monitoring, co-channel station resolution, basic direction finding, atmospheric and electromagnetic interference reduction, and jamming mitigation. Plus of course just having fun learning about propagation and discovering what your previous antenna was keeping from you.

Product Positioning

Aziloop has capabilities that single loop antennas cannot offer. Occupying a different market sector, Aziloop is an intelligent first choice, or a rewarding upgrade for the discerning listener.

Professional Users

Aziloop offers a feature-set that could meet your project requirements at a fraction of the expected cost, especially for tactical deployments. Custom builds may also be possible. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


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